Daft in Dubai

I know that I said it would be a weekly thing, but no sooner had the words landed on the screen than naked-related stories began to appear that required blogging.

You may have read a story where numerous Ukrainian models were arrested in Dubai for outraging local decency laws.

Flying to Dubai, posing naked on a balcony? Well, it has a certain frisson of excitement about it, particularly if you can squeeze a few landmarks into the photo that clarifies your location in a Muslim country.

All of the models involved were, apparently, under ‘contract’ to an Israeli porn-site, which adds to that sense of being risqué, Israel organising in a Muslim country??? I can see how those who set the thing up might have a particularly wry, tongue-in-cheek mindset involved here. Either that or a nose-thumbing exercise.

Either way, perhaps utilise semi-sensible models? Because it appears that the models, having posed naked (nothing particularly outrageous in that) then post about it on social media. This, as opposed to ‘an outraged UAE’, appears to be what found the local police hot on their tail!

By all means go, pose naked, be arch/wry/outrageous outside local decency laws, but for goodness sake at least have the simple common sense to keep it off social media until, at the very least, your plane is back in the air on its way to Kiev.

It says much about current ‘thinking’ (or lack thereof) that the need for validation or likes outweighed the consequences.

I had imagined the men (always men) who set the thing up might have been flying back to Tel-Aviv or wherever, leaving the women to their fate. Maybe that was actually the case. Fortunately, the Ukrainian President is due to visit the UAE in a few days, and the women have been deported, rather than there be some kind of awkwardness between Ukraine and the UAE as a result of the ‘event’.

The cynic in me immediately thinks it was potentially thought out in advance, the ‘Plan B’ being that this would be the outcome. In the meantime, an Israeli porn site (and the models themselves) have received more free publicity than anyone could imagine.

I’m on the fence here. It all worked out ‘OK’ (depending on the women doing it under their own free will and getting paid), but ultimately…why? Well, obviously why, for reasons given above, but still…

Look, many of us have posed naked in situations where it wasn’t strictly ‘legal’. Personally, I’ve posed at places where the presence of a policeman might have seen me arrested and charged with whatever the laws suggest here in the UK (it’s not actually illegal anywhere unless there’s proof of a desire to deliberately offend, but the officer present might not know that and proceed to arrest, prior to that arrest’s subsequent withdrawal after analysis of the laws) but I’ve posed anyway in ‘public’ locations. Yes, a deserted beach, a river in woodland and so on, but still not publicly acknowledged naked/naturist locations.

The bottom line is, always, ‘be sensible’ and putting it out over social media suggests these Ukrainian models were less than sensible. Why bother? Might as well have posed on balconies in Kiev or Jerusalem.

Anyway…in lockdown, with much closed (including my local naturist swimming night) I’ve discovered ‘wild’ or ‘open water’ swimming. Often swimsuit clad, occasionally wetsuit clad, occasionally nude and skinny-dipped, next week’s post(s) are going to focus on skinny-dipping, with many naturist venues and locations closed due to the pandemic.


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